the easiest paint you will ever use on your gunpla!

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It is by far the easiest paint you'll ever use on your Gunpla! We got your back with high quality paint that gives an efficient, seamless, frustration free painting experience. Every time.

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This was my first experience in painting with any paints whatsoever and I must say I felt it to be really simple. The paint was well distributed just out of the bottle. No mixing or adding of extra liquids needed. I can recommend these paints to experts but above all else to beginners like me who want to customize their Gundam figures and are afraid it'll turn out bad.

Teresa Martínez

Gpaint have been the easiest lacquer paints to use! The squirt bottle makes it so much cleaner, and I never have to think about thinning out the paint! The colors are great and it dries FAST! For first time lacquer painters, Gpaint is the way to go!

Alina Liew

Gpaint is definitely a nice product, finding that that it was pre-thinned helped a lot with my time of painting. The finalized color i used turn out very vibrant and it evened out nicely as it dried. Can't wait to see their next set of paints.

Derrick Ng